43 Date Nights in 52 Weeks. Here’s What We Learned.

Published by Military Families Magazine - Our very first date was at the Waffle House 19 years ago. Smothered, covered and chunked is our favorite. For you non-Waffle House goers, that’s slang for a way of ordering hash browns at the diner.

I was a young 20-year-old sophomore at North Carolina A&T State University. Deonte was a Lance Cpl. in the Marine Corps stationed four hours away at Camp Lejeune. We were apart from the moment we started dating. Long-distance love was all we knew. Two months after graduation we eloped and married at the justice of the peace with plans for a bigger wedding in the future, and moved into our first apartment in Jacksonville, N.C.

After only two weeks of being newlyweds, Deonte left for another six-month deployment which later turned into 11 months due to the initial push into Iraq in 2002. We jokingly say the reason we survived the first year of marriage is because we skipped it.


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